Healthy Mama

Maybe you’ve struggled with infertility for many years, and your heart and arms ache for your own precious little one. Maybe you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, or you’re already in your second trimester, and you want to learn how to eat for the best outcome for yours and your baby’s health. This class covers from pre-pregnancy all the way to the very overlooked postpartum trimester, focusing mainly on nutrition and exercise – creating habits that will last much longer than just your pregnancy.

 Here's to a thriving mama and a healthy, happy baby.

Thriving as a mother


Struggling with infertility? Interested in preparing your body for a healthy baby and pregnancy? Start learning how to use natural foods and exercise to create a warm, fertile environment that is perfect for your little one.


No matter what trimester you’re in, you will be able to learn exactly what you should be eating and how you should be exercising at every stage. Discover what helps baby to grow and develop well, and how you can give them a healthy start to life. 



The too-often forgotten and overlooked “fourth” trimester! Your body has just grown and brought a whole new little person into the world, and now you need time to heal and recover. Fill your body with nourishing foods for healing and for a healthy milk supply, and learn how to ease back into an active lifestyle – the healthy way!

In this class, I highlight the best, natural, real foods that will boost your fertility, enhance your gut health, improve your baby’s growth and development, assist you as as your body changes during pregnancy, and the best ways to nourish your body as you recover from birth and labor.

This class will help you lay a good foundation for your health and start your baby off with a strong immune system, gut, brain, and more.

Week one

Week One: 

Struggling with infertility? Learn how to prepare your body to carry a baby and how to increase fertility through nutrition. Discover how to strengthen your body through physical activity for pregnancy in advance, as well as taking a good quality prenatal vitamin.

Week Two: 

Discover what foods you need to grow a healthy baby (brain, nervous system, immune system, skeletal system, and more) and what their specific benefits are. 

Week three

Week Three: 

We will explore the most effective ways to nourish your body for a more healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy, easier delivery, and quick recovery; nutritional tips to alleviate common discomforts: nausea, fatigue, heartburn, constipation, edema (water retention), varicose veins. How to incorporate healthy habits, one step at a time, into your daily life to keep for a lifetime. 

Week Four: 

Shopping for affordable, natural, real food, healthy and simple meal planning. Learning about ingredients hiding on labels, and using good quality and nutrient- dense ingredients.

Week Four
Week Five

Week Five: 

The much overlooked Fourth Trimester: nutritional healing, exercise, and recovery for the postpartum mama. Discover foods that have been used for centuries to nourish your body, encourage a rich and nutrient-dense milk supply, and how to rebound back into an active lifestyle – the healthy way.