5 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Workout Routine

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Finding time to workout in the midst of the craziness and business of life is something we can all struggle with. Sometimes it seems like everything else gets a spot much higher on the priority list – exercise just doesn’t seem that important, and we may not see any immediate implications by not doing.  At least for me, I have to make a conscious effort in order to fit it in each day. The issue is, many of the symptoms you may have come to accept as normal may be as a result of a lack of movement, and also lack of exercise affects your health in a massive way. Here are five reasons why exercise is an absolutely critical key to your health. 

benefits of working out for your health

Boost your Energy

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Often when I’m extremely tired and sluggish, or have a headache, a workout is just the thing that makes me feel so much better, and able to tackle the rest of the day’s responsibilities. It seems counterintuitive, but exercise gets your blood moving through your body, boosting the amount of oxygen reaching all the cells throughout your body. As oxygen surges through your body, it enables your brain to think and work more clearly and effectively. Exercise also builds your stamina and endurance, causing your energy spurt to last much longer than your cup of joe.

the options are endless, and the health benefits invaluable.

Improve your Sleep Quality

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Can’t sleep at night? Exercise and movement helps you to actually use your body and muscles, making you feel more tired when it is actually time to hit the hay. An added bonus is that exercise is a great de-stresser, because it releases your “feel good hormones” – endorphins.

Keeps you Trim

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Working out supercharges your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories and fat throughout the day. Someone who has a slower metabolism will find it easier to hold on to those pounds, and, as a result, will feel more sluggish and lethargic. Getting rid of bad fat (visceral fat) in your body, also can lower your risk of certain cancers.

5 reasons why you should revamp your workout routine with health benefits

Builds Muscle + Strength

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Who doesn’t want to be stronger? Incorporating weight lifting into your exercise routine, builds up your stamina, not to mention creating some nice muscle. As your muscle naturally decreases with age, strength training helps to slow and reverse this deterioration, protecting and reinforcing your bones and muscle. 

 Decrease Risk of Disease

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This is by far the most important point pertaining to your long-term health. Working out drains your lymphatic system of toxins, and improves the circulation of your white blood cells, which are critical for fending off and fighting disease. Even if you do get sick, because your body has good circulation due to regular exercise, you are able to get well much faster than others who do not have that source of strength. Exercise can also help decrease your risk of heart disease, bone injury, and cancer.

Convinced? There are countless ways to incorporate daily movement and exercise into your routine. Workouts don’t need to be hours long – just 20 minutes of exercise have left me feeling like jelly by the end. Keep challenging and pushing yourself. Mix up your workout routine so that it never gets boring and is always new, fresh, and exciting. From weight-lifting, cardio, low intensity, biking, pilates, barre, swimming, to rebounding, the options are endless, and the health benefits invaluable.

Exercise is a powerful medicine – it’s right at your fingertips, free, and, like anything good, only requires dedication, diligence, and perseverance. Go crush those goals!

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